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India has witnessed a boom in the esports sector over the past few years and Esports is now on its way to becoming a recognised sport. During the National Esports Championship (NESC2019) which was held on 28th – 29th September, in Mumbai, Global Institute of Sports Business & Electronic Sports Federation of India announced the strategic partnership, through this partnership, ESFI will look to tap into the emerging sports management workforce as ESFI officials will visit the GISB campus in Mumbai to conduct sessions that provide key insights into the global and Indian Esports landscape. Select students of India’s leading sports management program will also have the opportunity of working with the ESFI on various operational aspects and taking the sport to the masses. This opportunity will provide the GISB sports managers an opportunity to be a part of India’s sporting future.

GISB will work closely with the ESFI for their future projects and also offer their campus for potential workshops, activations and even tournaments in the future.

“Without a doubt Esports is the next emerging sport in India. We have already seen an explosion of the esports sector in other parts of the world and the next 3-5 years will have an even bigger following of the sport in India. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to giving our students the opportunity to be creators in the sports field” said Neel Shah, Program Director, GISB.

“Esports is already part of Asian Games and is on the way to be recognized by International Olympic Committee; the eco-system for esports is nonexistent in India, as ESFI’s vision we are working towards building and growing esports as any other traditional sport. The partnership with GISB is one of the many initiatives which ESFI is taking to establish ESPORTS in India through formal education and training. ESFI welcomes GISB futuristic approach and we look forward to work with GISB to build organized environment for growth of Indian esports.” said Lokesh Suji, Director, ESFI.

About GISB

The Global Institute of Sports Business offers India’s first and only industry designed and internationally certified sports management course. The flagship program at the Global Institute of Sports Business is the GISB Post Graduate Program in Sports Management. This is a full-time 20-unit intensive, informative and experiential higher education course specializing in the business of sport. The course has been designed by global sports industry veterans to ensure that GISB students not only receive the tools, knowledge and experiences required to create fulfilling careers in sport but also gain access to relevant platforms in order to regularly interact with industry employers. Notable GISB affiliates include the Premier League, SD Eibar (LaLiga), Baseline Ventures, Sportskeeda and Multifit. For more information, visit

About ESFI

ESFI is an esports body, established, with the objective to promote, encourage, organize and educate, Electronic Sports (Esports) in India and to provide facilities for training in esports, to build and sustain the eco- system for esports in India. ESFI has a Bronze Medal (Demonstration Title) at Asian Games 2018, to its credit. ESFI is a member of International Esports Federation (IESF) and Asian Esports Federation (AESF)