E-Sports Europe

On 22th February 2020, the BESF hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels  the inaugural congress of Esports Europe – The European Esports Federation (EEF). The EEF is the umbrella federation for 23 national esports organisations and 3 important stakeholders in the esports ecosystem and beyond.

The BESF represented by its two Vice-presidents alongside 23 national esports organisations and 3 partners signed the founding charter of the European Esports Federation. The birth of the EEF was officialised after a two-day inaugural congress held in Brussels at the European Parliament. 


Esports Europe Group

The goal of the newly founded European Esports Federation is to (re)present esports players and organizations in European politics, media, sports and society. It aims to be a platform for its members and the esports movement. The organisation will develop and promote esports as a conscious, responsible, sustainable, inclusive, healthy and value-based activity.

The European Esports Federation has been established to reflect the digital change and deliberative democratic formats of the 21st century, it will be a moderating partner of esports stakeholders rather than a governing body, thus aiming for bringing together national federations, stakeholders and esports ambassadors. It will be looking for the best outcome for players in the esports ecosystem, especially for grassroots movements in esports.

The EEF will set positive esports standards instead of hard regulation, building sustainable frameworks that secure integrity, work on ecological and economic sustainability, empower diversity and counter toxicity in our communities. Esports Europe aims to harmonize national frameworks to ensure equal opportunities for all esports players in the region, regardless of amateur activity or professional career.

Finally, the EEF will protect European interest in the global esports movement and will be actively looking for strong partnerships with regional bodies; as well as with developers and publishers.  The organization will establish a deeper dialogue with video games creators on developing a common approach to sports and intellectual property. 

Samy Bessi, VP BESF

Samy Bessi (VP BESF)