This Monday 19th was a great step for the federation as this was the day when our press conference and formalization of the new relationship between us and the Loterie Nationale/Nationale Loterij was held. A milestone reached after years of work and development that lead us to be one of the most important and leading federation in the world of esport.

That conference wasn’t only a milestone for us but for all the esport industry in our country. And that’s why a lot of our journalist colleagues attended the conference.

From Proximus Pickx, DH Esport, La Libre to SudInfo or even L’Echo, esport made it across the country and that’s only the first steps of a long journey for us.

Working with the National Lottery is a long term project, this year’s financement will be a first push in the back to help us structurate our industry.
First of all by helping professional players to develop nationally with specific legal and financial status.

Our second big step will correlate with the need to divide gaming and esport by giving birth to the first National Academic Study in Belgium about esport.
L’Echo titled “Manque de chiffres” literally “lack of numbers”.
It isn’t a surprise to anyone, esports lacks numbers and studies should help us improve a lot. This is why this new injection of funds will support our Study and, with it, great progress in this industry.

This is a great opportunity for us and only a beginning to a long journey that awaits esports in Belgium and worldwide.
So a deep thank you to the National Lottery that believed in our project.