This weekend, was held the GGIC 2021 edition. BESF participated for and as Team Belgium in two of the five disciplines : Tekken 7 and FIFA.

Around 20 other nations participated in the Gigagames this year with us. This edition was, as expected online but the fights across the globe were still impressive and passionate.

This year’s edition went a bit south for us as our FIFA players lost in the EU qualifiers against Team France. But this same team went all the way to finals losing only to the Ivorian player “JokerCIV225” , a really impressive run for him !

On the other hand our Tekken team did a longer run with one of our players “NeedsMoreAnna” ending in the Top 8 but once again Team France had the upper hand on Tekken ending with a gold medal once again.

But of course it was our first participation in this competition but it will not be the last, see you next year for the next edition hopefully offline this time.

Thanks a lot to La Giga from Guadeloupe for their great projects and the competition for all countries across the world. A great experience for all the players and for all the spectators.