This year’s Belgian Game Awards was particularly important for us as we presented the esport award with a jury of experts in the domain. You might have seen the TV show but we have some behind the scenes for you.

Imagine yourself as an avatar, appearing on the shore of the Belgian Game Awards Island ! Yes events can now be held on a fully online basis as we have seen. On a website called you’ll be able to create an entire city,island or whatever social place you want to be visited by your collaborators or fans.

Here is the BGA Island view from way up high with our avatar at the bar in the center of the island !

Once in here, use your microphone and camera to talk to the other characters and people around you. In private spaces or on the other hand in plain view for everyone to hear your speech !

In the end we passed a few hours there enjoying the content. Mainly the nominees being interviewed live on the Island, but the whole show you saw on TV with the discussions around us. A little exotic trip out of our homes with esports fans and friends !

Congratulations to our Esports awards winners :