Currently, national esports federations and associations all over Europe are looking for a unified European representation. Over the last couple of months, meetings in Lausanne, Paris and Berlin took place in order to shape this vision of an association of European stakeholders.

The European Esports Meeting Berlin on April 10th, 2019, brought together 15 national esports federations and several European stakeholder organizations. The meeting resulted in “The Berlin Declaration” and the intent to move on in the direction of an European organization.

Supported by following federations:
EA – British Esports Association (Link)
BESF – Belgian Esports Federation (Link)
ESBD – German Esports Federation (Link)
ESVÖ – Austrian Esports Federation (Link)
HUNESZ – Hungarian Esports Federation (Link)
France Esports (Link)
RESF – Russian Esports Federation (Link)
SAEŠ – Slovenská Asociácia Elektronických Športo (Slovakia) (Link)
SESF-RS – Serbian Esports Federation (Link)
Svenska esportsförbundet (Sweden) (Link)
TESFED – Turkish Esports Federation (Link)
UESF – Ukrainian Esports Federation (Link)
ESA – Esports Association Polska (Link)
FIES – Federazione Italiana E-Sports (Link)
ESD – eSport Danmark (Link)
IESA – Israeli Electronic Sport Association (Link)
SeSF – Swiss Esports Federation (Link)

More info on Esports Europe can be found here: