We are proud members of four esports organisations.


1 – Esports Europe

© Esports Europe

Founding member and member of the advisory committee of Esports Europe

Esports Europe – The European Esports Federation (EEF) was founded in February 2020 in the European Parliament as the umbrella federation for 23 national esports organizations and 3 important stakeholders in the esports ecosystem and beyond. The goal of the EEF is to (re)present esports players and organizations in European politics, media, sports and society; as well as building a platform for its members and the esports movement to develop and promote esports as a conscious, responsible, sustainable, inclusive, healthy and value-based activity.


2 – IESF


Founding member of IESF

  • Continually providing services to our members and support and guidelines to establish national Esports associations across the world.
  • Creating disciplines and regulations alongside the stakeholders of the ecosystem for a fair and clean competitive space for Esports.
  • Creating more qualified referees, managers and other professionals through our International Esports Academy.
  • Hosting the Esports World Championship, IESF’s flagship competitions where Esports athletes compete representing their national team.

3 – GEF


Founding member of GEF

  • Our organisation seeks to establish the credibility, legitimacy and prestige for esports. We are building an inclusive platform to bring together all the stakeholders from the esports industry to help shape the GEF mission and maximize the potential for esports and its participants.
  • We believe that the future of Esports will continue to be bright. We seek to support this potential by cultivating the knowledge, experiences and history of the industry combined with respecting the traditions and values of sport and the principles of utilizing technology for good.



Member of WESCO

WESCO was founded by Brazil and China.

  • To improve the electronic sports constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programs.
  • Develop existing national federations, publishers, developers, organizations, stakeholders and e-sports related companies and events organizers, broadcasting TVs and streaming companies.
  • Contribute through study commissions to strengthen the links between national federations, publishers, developers, organizations, stakeholders and esports related companies, the e-sports movement and governs, students, stakeholders and entrepreneurs.