The Association aims at managing, organizing, encouraging, and control over the development and practice of esports in Belgium in the broadest sense.
It tries to achieve his goal by (non-exhaustive) :
– Promoting esports in general ;
– Organizing competitions, as well as all hosting competitions taking place nationally. It may entrust the organization of these competitions or events to the clubs/teams/organizations, the structure of which meets the criteria laid down by it that guarantee the smooth running of the various competitions ;
– Ruling the various esports practices internationally and nationally, if necessary to ascertain the self ;
– Having relations with, but not limited to, the International esport Federation (IeSF), the World Esports
Consortium (WESCO), the European Esports Federation (EEF), the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee
(BOIC), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the regional associations Esports Flanders, WalBru Esports ;
– Ensuring that all the rules issued by the international body or bodies mentioned above and their own regulations are respected and applied by all members of the Association ;
– By monitoring compliance with honor, fair play, and discipline, as well as by sanctioning offenses committed
during national competitions or outside, both against players and with affiliated clubs/teams/organizations;
– Being, in Belgium, an official representative to join the esporters, members of one at the Association
affiliated club/team / organization and by in Belgium and abroad to publicize the various national competitions ;
– By selecting, training and putting together the national teams, designated to represent Belgium in national
and international competitions ;
– By providing information, by giving advice in all areas, both to its members, to new clubs/teams/organizations or to any public or administrative authority;
– By establishing relations with the regional wings, both sporting and administrative ;
– By supporting and providing cooperation to works and third parties that pursue the same goal.