What is Esports

Esports, for electronic sports, are organized competitive video game being played by professional players or teams online or on events venues.

Some video games are playable in a team, others are better solo. But mainly between professionals! Because yes, Esports has his own professional athletes and teams around the world.

The most common types of video game styles associated with Esports are :

  • MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like League of Legends or Dota 2.
  • FPS (First Person Shooter) like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty.
  • Sports franchise like FIFA, NB2K, NFL or even F1 2020.
  • Fighting like Streetfighter, Smash bros or Tekken.
  • Battle Royales like Fortnite, PUBG or H1Z1.
  • RTS  (Real-Time Strategy games) like Starcraft or Age of Empire.

In general, all those types of video games have a major Esports scene where high-level events happens. A good part of them are played online but the most important ones take place in real arenas. They are called LANs, and each one of them is unique! When you’re a spectator in those offline matches, you feel the ambiance, it’s something. So, if it occurs that one day you are invited there, or just want to take a look at what Esports is: Prepare yourself to be amazed.

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As you can see, the prize money distributed during this bigger events can sometimes climb really high. Dota 2 has the record with nearly 40 millions of dollars in prize pools.

Is Esports a real sport?

Physical needs, as well as mental precision and perfection. Those are the basics of Esports. Nowadays the biggest teams have a lot to work with: Physical and Mental Coaches, analysts for each game, and tournaments. The list is still growing as Esports is still young! It’s a fact that professional e-athletes exist: Contracts are the best proof of work that a player can bring.

But Esports is also a business, digital progress, and in a way, a real culture. It’s still hard to qualify, but it’s for sure a growing industry!

How does a professional gamer work ?

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This is a basic day in a life of a professional gamer. It can change of course, as it mostly depends on the team and on the player.
*Scrimmage means practice. It’s a match where the player train his abilities and tactics against other professionals.

Esports in numbers :

Facts: in 2017, the number of esports viewers amounted to 335 million worldwide!

1-2 : Esport is a fast growing industry, sometimes climbing at more than 20% of turnover per year !
Esports watchers number is growing too ! And it’s not about to stop as Esports is growing behind it.

3 : Here are the numbers of the Esports audience expected.
A good example is the finals of the LoL Worlds in 2018 reaching nearly 100 millions watchers according to Riot Games, the developers.

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As you can see, European countries are more and more fond of Esports.

All those numbers are expectations, they are at an even higher rate for some experts, the big next step would be to reach every part of the population. But it’s already changing fast as the average Esports player/watcher is around 34 years old. Far from the young teenager, you would expect, right?
Of course, Esports isn’t only numbers. It’s before everything, a way of life. A community ready to help each other. To compete in great matches. To prove to the entire world that playing on a console or a computer isn’t only saying that you’re a nerd. It means that you’re part of a bigger community with friends from all around the world, sharing the same love as you for video games at a high level.