We are proud to share with you the official National Belgian CS:GO team ! This roster is made of the very best players in Belgium on the video-game CS:GO ! They will represent the BeSF and our country in international events !
Here are the members :

    • As our captain and rifler, Nicolas “v1d” De Grove, 29 years old. @v1dCSGO
    • As our main sniper, Steven “Stev0se” Rombaut, 27 years old. @Stev0se
    • Next up, is Richard “ritchiE” Mestdagh, 21 years old. @ritchiEEcsgo
    • As our third rifler, Robin “simix” Bynens, 25 years old. @simixCSGO
    • And last but not least, Maxim “MaximN” Nonglaire, 20 years old. @maximncsgo