We are proud to share with you the official National Belgian NBA 2K team ! This roster is made of the very best players in Belgium on NBA 2K ! They will represent proudly BESF and our country in international events !
You may already know these names, here they are :

    • As captain and Small Forward we have Bryan “Badjian” Badjie, he is 22 years old and lives in Brussels ! @Badjian_ 
    • As main Power Forward, it’s Emrecan “Hakanzz” Orhan, 22 years old, Verviers. @hakannzz
    • As our first Shooting guard and Point guard, Shawn “The Young Shawn” Vervaeke, 19 years old, Izenberge. @TheYoungShawn
    • As Center player, we are proud to announce Ayoub “DabWith-Ayoub” Boyafrour, 24 years old, Huizingen. @onizuka14k
    • As our second Shooting guard and Point Guard, Matteo “xZAYKAN” Lucifora, 19 years old, Namur. @zaykan8
    • As our third Shooting guard and Point Guard, Ilias “Eco2k” Taourirte, 16 years old, Seraing. @Eco2k_
    • As our forth Shooting guard and Point Guard, Liam “xLiam” Zalc, 19 years old, Brussels. @xLiamzz

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