Is esports “sports”?

Is esports “sports”?

It depends on who you ask

The Resolution of the European Parliament on esports and video games (2022) distinguishes esports from sports, not least because the video games used for competitive gaming (i.e. esports) are played in a digital environment and belong to private entities that enjoy full legal control and all exclusive and unrestricted rights over the video games themselves.

The European Parliament stresses, however, that it believes that both sectors can complement and learn from each other and promote similar positive values and skills, such as fair play, non-discrimination, teamwork, leadership, solidarity integrity, antiracism, social inclusion and gender equality.

On the other hand, a.o. the International Esports Federation consistently works to promote esports explicitly as a true sport. Other federations, such as the Global Esports Federation, are less explicit about the link between sports and esports and focus rather on the connection between the two worlds.

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